Bharath Nagarajan

Bridge India concept was born becos of Bharath!!! Profound statement -every one need to keep that time for one to be enabled from NGO homes. India will be different we see in a short while.Its all in your hands now, lets startthe journey.

Debbie wescott

Giving back to society is always close to my heart. Anytime anywhere I can be of use to our future India. I will be there for them.Thats why I am made.

Pushpa Iyengar

Service is my passion. Living for other 

Vishal Bafna

Compassionate about sharing, any thing in life which is more than need is to be given is my policy.


My dad has imbibed in me what is sharing at the tender age and I grew up along the way sharing in life... I am sharing my time with Bridge India by volunteering to make inclusive growth. I am blessed to be associated with Bridge India.


Life is nice sharing and caring, if we care for others, others care for us... i beleive in that,Its nice to work with Bridge India sensitizing youth for inclusive growth.


Pleasure to be of serice to someone, Through Bridge India its more apt.

Shalabh Misra

Willing to help, service minded, always loves giving back in some form.

Priya Bala

Would like to bring over positive change in the society in all possible ways.

G R Ananthan

Service through our Corporate CSR is an extended life for us. Greatly happy to associate with Bridge India.


Giving back to society at this age will keep us grounded and pay gratitude to god,parents and elders.I am deeply happy to associate with Bridge India.